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Schedule of Annual Fees 2016-17 (effective 1 July 2016)

Schedule of Fee 2016-17 2015-16
Admission Fee (ACA) 500 500
Admission Fee (FCA) 2,550 2,550
Annual Membership Fee (ACA) 14,700 14,000
Annual Membership Fee (FCA) 21,300 20,300
Annual Practice Fee (ACA) 13,100 12,500
Annual Practice Fee (FCA) 17,300 16,500
Concessional Fee (Retired Members) ACA/FCA 120 120
Life Membership Fee for Retired Members 3,000 3,000
e-IFRS Annual Subscription Fee(Access to e-IFRS for 2016-17 is under negotiation) 550
Restoration fee 5,000 5,000